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联想集团2021校园招聘-Global Future Leaders
2020-07-08    作者:联想集团    来源:联想集团 10517




面向新一轮的智能化变革的产业升级契机,联想提出智能变革战略,围绕智能物联网(Smart IoT),智能基础架构(Smart Infrastructure),行业智能(Smart Verticals)三个方向成为行业智能化变革的赋能者与引领者。联想将进一步扩展和提升服务业务,以服务和解决方案为导向推动转型的深入,把服务和解决方案打造成联想新的核心竞争力。


Global Future Leaders Program

About the Program

The world is our stage, the sky is the limit. At Lenovo we believe smarter technology takes a global mindset with trust and respect for one another, enabling us to do exciting and rewarding work that intelligently transforms our world. We are recognized as one of the world’s Most Admired & Best Regarded Companies, a Top 100 Global Tech Leader, and rank #212 on the Fortune Global 500. This is a place where ideas grow, initiative wins, achievements are seen, and we love the work we get to do.

Lenovo is proud to offer our Global Future Leaders Program. This program engages high-achieving, driven students by immersing them into the world of a global technology company. In your first two years, you will participate in cross-border/cross-organization rotations where you will transform and grow while engaging with key stakeholders, gaining deep insight into our organization, and developing comprehensive leadership skills while making a global impact. Through customized training and development, our goal is to fast-track you to a leadership role by year five.

We believe that Smarter takes YOU!

Application Process

Application: 2020/6 - 2020/8/31

Online Assessment: 2020/9

Interview ::2020/9-2020/10

Offer: 2020/11


China Future Leaders Program


作为联想 Future Leaders 项目的重要组成部分, China Future Leaders 项目为期两年半,致力于寻找在联想中国区销售,产品营销方面深耕和发展的后备管理人才。定制化培训体系,职场明星导师,多元化发展平台让你成为职场中耀眼的新星。竞争力的薪酬福利及加速发展通道让你成为职场同辈中的领先者。如果你天生要强,喜欢不断超越自我,联想就是你的舞台,加入China Future Leaders 项目,成为最有范儿的创新者,突破者及挑战者。


China Future Leaders项目面向优秀英才,服务于联想中国。我们建议你选择和你未来的发展意愿和职业倾向一致的岗位和地点。除了岗位技术能力的要求外,我们也会关注个人领导能力特质我们期待你的加入,不枉青春,一起奋斗。


简历投递:2020/6 - 2020/8/31


面试:2020/9 – 2020/10


About the Program

As an important part of Lenovo’s Future Leaders Program, China Future Leaders is a 2.5 years development program that is committed to finding a group of outstanding talents to be deeply rooted and developed in Lenovo's China Geo sales and product marketing area. Customized training system, star career mentor and diversified development path will make you a shining star in your career. Competitive compensation and benefits, and accelerated career development will make you a front runner among your peers. If you are naturally competitive and constantly enjoy surpassing yourself, Lenovo is definitely your stage. Joining Lenovo China Future Leaders program and become the most stylish innovator, breakthrough leader and challenger.

Where are the roles? What we're looking for?

Lenovo China Future Leader Program attracts outstanding talents to join China Geo. We encourage you to apply for roles which match your development interests and career aspiration with your skills in cities you are willing to work and live. Along with the technical skills required in the job descriptions, we‘ll also be looking for leadership aptitude. We are looking forward to your application and future endeavors.

Application Process:

Application:2020/6 - 2020/8/31

Online assessment:2020/9